The bulk of the available space will usually be mainly used for vehicular or foot traffic and purposeful elements. With so many options available, defining your space with superior hardscape products and craftsmanship are what make for exceptional landscapes.


Softscaping is what completes every project. Bringing together layers, textures, colours, depths and a bit of relaxed luxury. Together we establish an outdoor theme that is harmonious to your home with the elements of nature, taking into account your gardening rhythm, colour scheme and aesthetic.

Fencing and Privacy Walls

By adding vertical features, we’re merging design aesthetic with practicality. Whether it be a fence around the pool or even a privacy screen for an outdoor shower, know that these functional pieces can also be pleasing to the eye if done right. We offer a multitude of options for every scenario you can pitch us!


We can create a beautiful top-quality deck for your feet to land on right outside your home. With an array of materials to choose from such as treated wood, cedar, exotic woods and composite. You also have the freedom of choosing its size- to make it as big or as small as you’d like. We will make sure that it ties in seamlessly with the other outdoor features you have chosen.

Sod Installation

We understand every project has particular needs and this is no different when speaking about grass. Site conditions such as water availability and weather can influence the decision to install sod or synthetic grass. Our team of experts are here to help you choose the right one. With very little maintenance and incredible durability, don’t be shy to also explore the idea of synthetic grass!

Irrigation System

To ensure the grass is always greener on your side of the fence (!), we offer irrigation system installation. This way you can program the times of day that your plants and grass get the required water they need, removing the stress of having to remember and time it takes to do it yourself.