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Each individual has a unique direction when approaching their landscape. All projects, small or big, begin with a vision. This unique vision allows us to understand your taste in colors, patterns, styles and the direction which you want to take. We are prepared to help you design your ideal landscape. Using landscape design software, we can build 3D models and sketches to help you conceptualize your ideas. 




There is always a means of transformng your landscape vision into a reality. At Urban Image, we understand the importance of fine attention to details along with proper experience and knowledge. Selecting the best materials for your projects and providing quality craftsmanship is something we value. True passion from supplier to contractor to client is what builds beautiful landscapes. 


Construction services offered: 




  • Uni Stone

  • Ponds

  • Pools

  • Rock Gardens

  • English gardens

  • Perennial-annual beds

  • Pots and containers

  • Sod installation

  • Lighting

  • Water features

  • Fire features


Routine maintence is the first step in refreshing your current landscape to optimize its existing beauty. Do not forget that it is crucial to also maintain any work that has been done! 


Maintenance services offered:




  • Spring and fall cleanup

  • Lawn mowing

  • Garden weeding

  • Shrub trimming

  • Hedge-trimming

  • Fertilizing

  • Top dressing

  • Winter preparation



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